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How to Structure Freelance Photography Rates

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Depending on your photography business, there are different ways to structure your pricing. First, let’s discuss what the types of photography are.

There are plenty of genres and businesses connected to photography. We’ll talk about events, portraits, real estate photography, commercial photography, product, and food photography.

Photography Rates Per Hour at a Glance

Photography rates per hour vary enormously in different photography services. And some high-end photographers charge far more than amateur photographers, for instance. But this quick guide will show you the average price ranges per hour.

  • Event Photography—Rates range between $100-500 per hour.
  • Wedding Photography—Rates range between $50-250 per hour. Packages range between $2,000-5,000.
  • Portrait Photography—Rates range between $150-350 per hour. Packages range between $250-1,500.
  • Real Estate Photography—Listing rates range between $15-500.
  • Commercial Photography—Day rates range between $800-5,000. Licensing fees range between $250- 10,000.
  • Product Photography—Rates vary between $35-175 per image.
  • Food Photography—Rates range from $50-500 per project.

Apart from the prices there are other variables to think about. For instance, the pricing for a group portrait per hour may be different from a portrait photography photoshoot for one person. And in commercial photography, there are licensing fees to consider apart from your day rate.

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