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Istanbul Event Photography Price Guide

Istanbul professional event photographers, having an hourly rate is standard. Prices vary from at least $100-$500 per hour.

Many photographers require a minimum number of hours for a session. If the client doesn’t meet that limit, they may have to pay more. The reason for this is to ensure they’re not taking an event job for only $200. It also encourages clients to go with a bit more session time.

You might charge $150 per hour if it’s less than five hours. But for five hours or more, you might be a lower rate of $120 per hour.

Hourly rates also depend on the location and type of event. Plus, you can include other fees for any special requests from clients. For instance studio headshot at the event…

The number of images you can include with your hourly rate may vary. Some event photographers have all their best pictures included in their hourly rate. Others limit how many photos they provide for each hour.

Istanbul Photographers may also offer packages that include physical copies of the images. And remember, event rates include editing.

Here we can suggest profesisonal event photographer from Prague and Istanbul based Kemal Onur Ozman.

Czech Foreign minister H.E. Jakub Kulhanek, former President H.E. Vaclav Klaus, Former E.U. Commissioner Mr. Stefan Fule as well as many ambassadors, Parliamentarians and senior guests attended the celebration hosted by Turkish Ambassador H.E. Egemen Bağoş and his wife Mrs. Beyhan Bağış, while Prime Minister H.E. Andrej Babis also sent a video message. (Photos by; Kemal Onur Ozman)



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